Three Clever Homemade Gift Ideas For Dad: Make These With Your Kids


A new shirt? Golf clubs? A tie… again? We know when it comes to Father’s Day, the gift idea well might run a little dry. And while the newest gadgets and clothes are nice, something from the heart shows Dad how much he really means.  So here at Babble, we’ve got three great ideas on how to make Dad a homemade gift that’s not only an unexpected surprise, but fun and easy to make.

A personalized chocolate bar is a great idea for dad, because, well, who doesn’t like chocolate? Easy even for kids as young as two, this tasty treat is sure to please! Here’s how to do it:


Chocolate bar(s), colored construction paper, white drawing paper, markers or crayons, (optional) embellishments (glitter, foam shapes, ribbon, etc.)

How to

Step 1: Cut a piece of colored construction paper to cover main part of candy bar
Step 2: Cut a slightly smaller piece of white drawing paper
Step 3: Have children color and draw on the white paper. Encourage them to cover all the white space!
Step 4: Wrap first the colored paper, then the white paper around the candy bar and secure with clear tape.
Step 5: Embellish, if desired, or tie a ribbon and a homemade gift tag around the candy bar.

It’s that simple!

Like that idea? We’ve got two more that any kid can make, and any dad will love!