Time is Ticking: Great Clocks


Can you believe February and running so fast? Right? I feel like, in 10 minutes, it will be March. How has this happened? I have no idea, but it’s making me think that I need a new clock. So I found some cool ones. For starters, here’s a clock that I can set to the exact time I want and watch time stand still. I love that idea.

But keep reading for five more cool clocks that will actually tell time….

This clock looks like February to me.

This is a cool clock. It looks like one of those pipe instruments the play on Sesame Street.

There’s a whole store of these on Etsy. Clocks made out of vinyl records cut to look like different things.

I assume they’ll add hands to that.

This way you can always keep track of the time. Unless you forget where you put your coffee mug.

Or design your own clock

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