Toddler Beach Toys: Hit The Sand Dunes With These Trucks


Packing a bucket, shovel and water wheel for a day of beach fun, isn’t fun for my toddler. He’s beyond obsessed with cars, trucks–anything with wheels, really.

But, heck no, he’s not bringing his Matchbox cars on the beach so he can lose them–and they can get filled with sand in all those nooks and crannies. Lucky for my lil’ guy, I found a super-cool, even green, car to play with in the sand. It’s cruising in after the jump…

The E-Offroader from Hape is made to hit the sand, mud and grassy terrain. The slick, white flame on red background is fast and furious (like your toddler). The dual exhaust makes this race car look ultra speedy and will no doubt induce a few “Vrooom, Vroooms, Beep, Beeps!” (At least in my presence it does.)

The body of the car is made from a cut stalk of bamboo, which is an environmentally friendly resource. All of the parts are coated in a non-toxic, water-based paint. The rubber coated wheels will prevent scuffed floors if your child plays with the toy inside on a rainy day.


More trucks ideal for beach play:

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