Toddler Dinnerware Set: Feast With Fish!


Breakfast, lunch, dinner–doesn’t matter what I dish out, as long as I find a fun way to serve it up. I have a growing collection of dinnerware sets for my almost-three-year-old son and now I’m adding zucchini–wait, I mean Zoocchini to the mix.

But, come to think of it–maybe I’ll serve zucchini on Zoocchini. Check out this fun summer set after the jump.The BPA and Phthalate free Ocean Dinnerware Set brings Clawd the lobster and Fanny the flower fish right up to the table. These fish promise to help your toddler feast, too.

The white, red, yellow and blue color scheme is gender neutral, bright and whimsical. The sippy cup provides two side handles, so your child can get a real grip on things. The fork features smooth points, so no need to worry about your child poking and hurting himself. The spoon has a subtle dip that makes self-feeding a snap–and not a big mess.

Comes in a mini “suitcase” making this set ideal for family picnics this summer.

Saved the best for last: A lot of kid plates and bowls aren’t microwave safe and that’s a real bummer, because face it, Mom, you’re heating up chicken nuggets and making instant Mac ‘n Cheese every now and again. (Last night, I heated up some leftover carrots in a monkey clad Zoocchini bowl to serve with fresh pasta and baked chicken.) Well, now you can cook and serve in the same bowl, cutting down on dishes and clean-up.

Also available in Barnyard and my son’s fave, Safari.

Marked down from $22.95 to $16,

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