Toddler Mealtime: Teaching Cups


So, my son turns three in August. My goodness, I can’t even believe it! It seems like yesterday I was feeding him a bottle in the rocking chair by the window, looking out at a lush red bush blossoming with flowers that looked like fireworks exploding–ahhhhh, sweet memories!

Next, I introduced a sippy cup with a spout and he chugged his organic whole milk like it was the best thing since…formula. I teared up when he sipped from a juice box and told me, “I do it myself, Mama,” as I tried to explain what a straw was. I guess he knew.

Well, the time has come to teach him how to drink from a cup–GULP! I found the best teach-your-child-to-drink-from-a-cup, cup ever! (Because, I hate throw-away cups–what a waste of money!) My fab find will have you offering a “Cheers” to your kiddo in no time! The Beaba cup set includes 3 BPA, phthalate and PVC-free cups, 3″ in diameter x 2 ½” H. Blue, yellow and green in color–they are bright and engaging–and about the size of a typical paper Dixie cup (only these babies are reusable!). Short and chubby in size–they’re a match for little hands.

The non-slip, wide, rubber-bottom helps stabilize the cup on the table. I tested them with my toddler and what do you know–no slips and spills! Bonus: They’re stackable for easy storage and dishwasher safe for 1-2-3 clean-up.

Bottoms up!


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