Tokyo Mater Cars in Stores: Premier of Monster Truck Mater


In my world as a mom, the Disney/Pixar Cars characters are considered family. My oldest son fell in love with Cars years ago and we’ve been big fans ever since. Thomas the Train has come and gone – as well as many other toys – but Mater, Lightning, King, Chick and Sally are life-long friends.

I seriously think we’ve seen the movie hundreds of times. That’s why I was so thrilled when Pixar came out with “Mater’s Tall Tales” (Cars Toons). It gave my kids new characters to love and gave us a break from Life is a Highway. Whew.

In addition to hilarious animated shorts like Mater the Greater and El Materdor, Pixar released Tokyo Mater which is a super-speed adventure where he gets into a drift-style race. We were in Target last week and many of these characters are in stores now. We picked up Dragon Lightning McQueen, Kabuto and Ito San. We didn’t see Tokyo Mater, but according to various toy blogs and websites, this illusive toy is out there.

Now, the big news! Monster Truck Mater will premiere on The Disney Channel on July 30 at 9:30 pm ET. Set your DVR now! This is a new animated short where Mater finds himself rocketing to the top of the monster truck wrastlin’ circuit as the Tormentor. Love it! When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get tagged in and that’s when you call upon on your partner: Frightening McMean. See a sneak peek here!

Is Mater one of your child’s favorite characters? How many Cars are scattered around your house? Get ready to add a few more to your collection. 😉


You can watch Mater’s Tall Tales on the official Disney/Pixar YouTube channel here.