Top 10 Weirdest Etsy Toys


Nothing says “let’s play” like dead animals, creepy clowns, and threats of spanking! Oh regretsy, i can’t get enough of your hilarious etsy finds.  Here’s my top ten weirdest items for kids on etsy, spotted on regretsy.  Check out the Top 10 Weirdest Etsy Toys after the jump…

Top Ten Weirdest Etsy Toys

10. The scariest plushy of all time.

9. Giant Puff Quilt Doll.  Nothing invites slumber like being smothered by an enormous doll.

8. Eyre Head: Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre. The book will never seem quite the same.

7.Welcome Baby Drowning Baby Candle. Just what you always wanted to put next to baby’s bed, for so many reasons.

6. Tortoise and the Hare Shadowbox – with actual rabbit head and dismembered turtle bits!

5. Alien Doll with Walnut Head. Can’t afford an american girl? Here’s the perfect dolly for your little princess!

4. Deer Hoof Baby Rattle. Safety first!

3. Levels of Discipline Picture Frame with Spanking Spoons. “We only threaten to hit them.”

2. Circus Clown Wreath. Just terrifying.

1. Beating a Dead Horse: Stuffed Unicorn.  We killed it just for you!