Top 5 Meanest Valentine's Day Cards


divorce card

For some couples, Valentine’s Day isn’t so much a celebration of their love as it’s a time to realize that the love is gone. And while you could be mature and talk about it like two adults, you could also take a different route: the greeting card route.

Because, honestly, you know they didn’t expect to open an envelope and see “I want a divorce.” Especially not on Valentine’s Day.

So if you really want to stomp on someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day, nothing stings like a break-up via snail mail. The Huffington Post has rounded up some of the harshest ways to say goodbye:

valentines day


1. Vixen’s Empire, $3.50

2. Greeting Card Universe, $3

3. Cya Cards, $3.99

4. Zazzle, $3.55

5. Cya Cards, $3.99

We thought breaking up via text message was the lowest of lows, but wow. Would you ever honestly consider using a divorce card? Funny or tacky?

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