Top 5 Favorite DIY Gift Toppers


By now, all the shopping and ordering for Christmas is probably just about complete and it’s time to move onto wrapping that stack of boxes and bags you’ve been cleverly hiding in the closet for weeks now. Gift toppers are a really fun way to make fun statement and add a personal touch to your gifts. We’ve collected our top 5 favorite gift toppers you can make yourself. Most are from objects like paper and yarn that you already have around the house.

Keep reading to find out about these cute cupcake toppers featured above and the rest of our top 5!

2. Traditional snowflake, so beautiful on top of a gift!

3. Would you ever guess this topper is made from a plastic bag?

4.Love the simplicity of these yarn toppers

5. Adorable paper button toppers strung around gifts

Links for tutorials:

1.Cupcake Paper Carnation Bows (featured on top)

2.Snowflake Topper

3.Plastic Grocery Pom Pom Gift Topper

4.Yarn Ribbons

5. Paper Button Gift Toppers

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