Top 5 Gardening Books


alys fowler

Spring is here and it’s time to start thinking about gardening! Here are 5 of my favorite gardening books both for kids and adults. I’ve included my favorite how-to books and books for pure inspiration.

1. Garden Anywhere. Alys Fowler’s book feels accessible and perfect for the beginning gardener but she’s so charming, her outlook on plants will inspire even the most seasoned gardener.


2. The Gardener. A beautiful children’s book about a young girl who grows a roof top garden.

in and out of the garden

3. In and Out of the Garden. A gorgeous book filled with watercolor illustrations by London illustrator, Sara Midda. Great for both kids and adults.

you grow girl

4. You Grow Girl. This book is such a classic and is filled with great tips for both beginner and intermediate gardeners.

martha stewart's gardening

5. Martha Stewart’s Gardening. I think this one is out of print, but if you can get your hand on a used copy (some of them are really cheap!) you’ll be so glad you bought it. Walk through Martha’s gorgeous gardens and learn some of her amazing tips. It’s a classic.

Is there a book you would add to the list?

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