Top 5 Picks for Academy Award Parties


It’s Oscar Season and while we don’t need to worry about finding a super fabulous gown to wear, we do need to worry about planning an amazing Oscar Party. To put one together for yourself all you need is a list of the 2011 Academy Award Nominees to make your ballots and then stock up on our five favorite party items from Plum Party.

1. Red Carpet. Every Oscar Party needs a red carpet. Make your guests feel like Oscar Nominees when they arrive. Get someone to take pictures like paparazzi when they arrive.

2. Plates and Cups. These Hollywood themed paper goods make you look like you went all out. Easy effort and big on impact.

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3. Oscars. Give awards to the guests that guess who the winners are. The only thing that would make them better is if they were made with chocolate.

4. Popcorn Boxes It will make your guests feel special to eat out of authentic popcorn containers. And you won’t charge them $1 for extra butter.

5. Top Hats Insta-fanciness with these top hats. Plus you can throw them at the tv everytime a preawards show host references “Old Hollywood Glamour.”

Save us a seat on the sofa because we want to be invited to your party!