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Top 5 Worst Kids Toys of 2011

By michellehorton |

I’m still recovering from an exhausting two days at the Toy Fair 2011 in New York City — one of the biggest toy fairs in the world with over 100,000 toys. And while we were scouring for the very best toys of the year, we stumbled on some, well, questionable toys. Toys that made us say, Really?

So without further ado, I give you the 5 Worst Toys of 2011:

1. CUPONK: Le Flush Royale Edition

Oh where to start. How about the basics: Kids are challenged to throw ping-pong balls into cups. (Wonder where they came up with that concept?) In fact, these CUPONK balls will most likely be swiped by an older brother for beer pong — let’s be honest. But apparently it’s a skill worth practicing. And what’s the reward for making a shot into the cup? The cup makes flushing, farting and other typical “boy” noises.

Cool. Gotta establish those gender lines.

2. Monopoly LIVE

So you know how you would sit down with your family, dish out some colorful money (dibs on Banker!) and then proceed to cheat your way through Monopoly? Oh nothing too blatant — just “miscounting” your spaces every now and then, slipping a 50 underneath the board to fake out your opponents. Little indiscretions.

Well no more, my friends.

The new Monopoly LIVE has attempted to “modernize” the iconic board game, but in the process? Destroyed it. There’s no dice (players hold their hand over the playing piece until the Giant Tower bellows out a command and calls you out for cheating), no money (charge it, kids!) and virtually no thinking involved. Oh and this is cute: Every so often the Giant Tower will take bets on horses, for which you swipe your credit card, naturally. Yes, they added gambling to good old Family Game Night.

So for only $50, you can buy a souped up version of a game that will be totally shot with one computer glitch. Or you can just play the version that everyone already has.

3. Motorized Tredmill

Just go outside already.

4. WWE Rumblers for little one

Oh thank goodness, now my toddler can pretend to slam and punch other entertainment wrestlers just like the older kids. Sweet.

5. 2011 Little Mommy Doll: The Creepiest Doll Ever

Ah, the classic gender stereotypes. The toy industry wouldn’t be the same without them. We were taken aback quite a few times — like by a Chutes and Ladders game where the princess climbs up a ladder into her prince’s arms or slides down a chute to be caught by her prince — but Mattel’s “Little Mommy” gets awarded the biggest eye roll. (Rebecca has more about that here.)

But it’s not the gender issue that bothered us, it’s the chills-up-our-spine, creeped-out factor. This isn’t the first Little Mommy that’s been on the market; it’s just the weirdest. The 2011 robotic doll accurately responds to touch and motion sensors — seeming to know more than a doll should know — and continuously asks questions and respond to your answers. If you’re even slightly creeped out by talking dolls, this doll will terrify you. (See a video at Gizmodo.)

See our 10 favorite toys here.

Lead image:; CUPONK: Mattel; Tredmill: A+ Child Supply; Monopoly Live: Gadget Review; WWE Rumblers: Toys News International; Little Mommy: BeingPregnant

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Worst Kids Toys of 2011

  1. jcsmommy10 says:

    whatever happened to good old fashioned blocks!?!

    1. michellehorton says:

      @JCSmommy10: Our thoughts exactly! Luckily we found some really great, quality products. Did you see our Best Toys of 2011 feature? You can see it here:

  2. Sarah Baldwin says:

    I was also at Toy Fair this year, as the owner of a toy store, looking for wooden and natural toys. You missed the product that got my vote as the most inappropriate toy of the year: The “Jersey Shore Snooki Leopard Print Little Girls Dress Up” for ages five and up. I am *not* kidding! Sorry, but I’m afraid you won’t be seeing them at Bella Luna Toys this year.

  3. michellehorton says:

    @Sarah: I DID miss that! That’s disturbing!! Maybe it’s because I mentally block out anything that has to do with the Jersey Shore.

  4. Mikelle says:

    I’m a titch disappointed by this negative article. I think that the top-ten favorite toy post would have sufficed.

  5. Avery says:

    Whats wrong with the WWE Rumblers?

  6. Jan says:

    So what is so creepy about a doll that says all positive things to a little girl and might teach her some mothering skills while I see dolls on shelves that have scars on their faces and sleep in coffins and what about this craze that is going on among young people for the anything related to the Twilight series which is all about vampires. So according to this story don’t buy your little girl a doll that says loving things. Instead go out and buy her one that allows her to worship the dead and blood predators. Yeah right!

  7. kori roach says:

    Okay the doll, I get that. I watched the video and I was scared for my life. She’s Chuckies offspring. What makes it worse is that the lady seemed so proud of the doll and didn’t realize the thing is more creepy than cute. I’m going to be scared to go to sleep tonight.

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