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Top 7 Most Ridiculous Potty Training Products

By michellehorton |

First we showed you absurd baby products.

Then we topped it off with bizarre mom products that — shockingly — may have been worse.

And now we’re moving on to the most ridiculous potty training products to assist in the diapers-to-toilet transition. Parents today are using more than just training potties and Everybody Poops:

1. Tinkle Tubes

Yes, the Tinkle Tubes can be used as an “emergency potty,” but it’s also used as a “penis extender” for little boys to stand and pee. Even better? Parents no longer have to touch their son’s “little soldier” when helping them urinate. Yes, they said “little soldier.” ($5.99 at Baby Rock Apparel)

2. Potty Mitts

Wait! You forgot your plastic germ shields! And to think we all survived on soap and water alone. ($3.99 for a 20-pack)

3. My Pee Pee Bottle

For something that’s designed to hold urine, they sure make it look like something designed to hold juice.

4. Poteez: The Disposable Potty

Protect your outdoorsy child from the dangers of trees and grass. Instead, have your kids poop in a cardboard box that you’ll then immediately throw in the trash — or leave on the side of the road. Because, really, are you putting a poop-filled cardboard box in your trunk?

5. Peter Potty Urinal

I’m sorry, but if you’re big enough to pee into a stand-up urinal then you’re big enough to use the big boy potty. I don’t need another plastic contraption to clean out. ($39.99)

6. Toilet Buddies

I refuse to believe I have to put hideous stickers all over my toilet in order to get a toddler to potty train — especially when the characters have names like CaCa Cow and Poo P. Bunny. Toilet Buddies even makes ridiculous toilet music.

7. Piddlers Toilet Targets

You could spend $6 on 30 of these toilet targets – or you could spend $4 for a few thousand Cheerios or Fruit Loops targets. Up to you.

[main image: Potty Training Power]

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8 thoughts on “Top 7 Most Ridiculous Potty Training Products

  1. Laura says:

    The toilet buddies CRACK ME UP! And I might consider buying the portable disposable one for the long car trips we take (3 days of driving), but we also have a kid with some serious BM potty issues where immediate access is key. I don’t know if I’d get them otherwise.

    Mental note…get a customer list from #3 and NEVER borrow from or lend a water bottle to anyone on that list!!!

  2. Kate says:

    Don’t have any boys, but I’m wondering about the tubes. If the kid is too short to pee in the urinal, it seems like peeing upwards into a tube will just make a big mess.

  3. michellehorton says:

    @Kate: I think the parent is supposed to hold the toddler over the toilet or urinal and aim the tube down.

  4. wisdomandpeace says:

    #2 cracks me up (no pun intended, honest!). Invented by a mommy? Really? I’m pretty sure that plastic gloves have been available for the last several decades. Not to mention that the last thing our landfills need is a bunch of single-use plastic gloves when simply washing up with plain soap and water would suffice. And #3: the “pee pee bottle” comes in pink? I really don’t see how a girl would be able to pee into this without making a giant mess! As for #6, I can see how potty stickers could potentially make toilet training more fun for a child, but the names are so disgusting that I can only imagine that they hired a boardroom full of 3rd grade boys to come up with them!

  5. Amanda says:

    At that rate you could just sit the little boy on the potty backwards and let him pee like that. No tube needed.

  6. Kate says:

    Another Kate here — with my son, he peed sitting on the toilet (yep, the regular big person toilet, no products required!) for the first few months, but then he decided to start peeing standing up. He pretty much just watched how his dad did it. I don’t recall either of us ever needing to hold his penis for him — if your kid can’t hold his own penis, he’s probably not ready to toilet train! Or at least not ready to pee standing up.

    The expensive fake cheerios as targets cracked me up, too!

  7. Jennifer says:

    These are amazingly funny and incredibly shocking! What were they thinking? The tube is just gross and the disposable potty is terrible and the big large plastic urinal is awful! Oh and the pee-pee bottles that look like sippy cups just really poor design. Just so unnecessary! Amazing finds!

  8. shelia says:

    These are too funny. I am potty training my son right now and have considered none of these.

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