Top Christmas Movie Picks. Starting With Charlie Brown Christmas.


Charlie Brown Christmas

Tonight, I sat with the kids and we made a list of our favorite Christmas movies, then we plotted out on the calendar when we’ll watch them. Topping the list was Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s just so darn sweet. There’s a real Christmas message featured, but it never feels preachy. The simplicity of the illustrations is appealing to children and adults alike. And you can’t beat the soundtrack! Charles Shultz = genius. I can’t even imagine what the holidays would be like without watching Charlie Brown Christmas. It’s been a part of my December celebrations since I was a kid.

Find the rest of our picks below.

1- Charlie Brown Christmas.

2- Elf. The most quoted line at our house is: Candy. Candy corn. Candy Canes. And syrup.

3- Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Hard to beat this claymation classic.

4- A Christmas Story. You’ll shoot your eye out!

5- The Santa Clause.

6- Scrooge. The musical, not the Bill Murray one.

7- It’s a Wonderful Life. My kids are still mostly too young for this one, but I still love it!

8- How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Good old Boris Karloff.

9- Stalking Santa. Because even Santa needs a mockumentary.

What are your favorites? Any I missed?