Top Ten Un-Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Men


I shared with you our Morrison-Curtis family tradition of Un-Romantic Valentines Day – a way to freshen up this tired holiday by tossing the roses and chocolates in favor of beef jerky and manliness. First, I gave you some suggestions from our repertoire of Un-Romantic Valentines Day Dates; now I’ll give you some ideas for Un-Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for your man.  These are tried and true trinkets of love for husbands and boyfriends who fancy themselves “real men”…little somethings that let him know you appreciate the “dude” in him.  Have faith my sisters, I have tested all of these gifts on my hubs, and I can assure you that I have uncovered the Top Ten Best Un-Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men. Watch his chest swell with manly pride as he unwraps them, then sit back and feel the love.

Get the scoop on the Top Ten Un-Romantic Valentines Day gifts after the jump…

Un-Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Men

1.  An axe. This scandinavian forest axe is a little silly, seeing as we live in the city and dicing parsley is the closest my husband will ever come to chopping a tree.  But he LOVES his axe – it’s hanging above his closet door and every now and then it is used to dismantle a cardboard box or some other goofiness.  $128.95 at Amazon.

2. Beer Holster.  A little silly, but sure comes in handy for tailgating. $6.99 at Amazon.

3.  Emergency Fire Starter:  Survivalism is sexy.  Start a fire anywhere in the world for any reason.  You know, in case you don’t have matches or a lighter but you do have your keychain.  $5.50 at Amazon.

4. Manly Man Gloves:  The print on these gloves makes them extra manly.  My husband’s fave gift ever, and it hasn’t been cold enough to warrant gloves here in years.  He wore them to the movies once.  And also when he uses his axe to chop boxes.  These are Pendleton Leather Palm gloves in brown mini hawkeye, on sale For $34.95 at Pendleton-USA.

5. Stanley Classic Vaccum Bottle Thermos:  How a real man drinks coffee. $29.99 at Amazon.

6. Bone Handled Knife:  Something about the bone makes it extra tough.  This one is the Stockman Amber Bone by W.R. Case and Sons, $40.99 at

Or if you aren’t feeling a knife, you could go for the cutlery combo, $71.99 at

7. Bacon of the Month Club: The gift that keeps on giving.  Every month a new exotic bacon arrived, and he loved me just a little bit more.  Boar bacon, buffalo bacon, bacon from the finest pigs gently massaged all their lives on remote hillsides, ridic.  Prices vary, at  But pretty much anything with bacon will work, here is an entire exhaustive list of bacon-themed gifts big and small: Bacon Gifts.

8. A flask: A tried and true man gift. Make it a classy one. Blackbird Hammered Cap Top Flask, $88 on Blackbird Ballard is a fantastic site is great for manly gifts of all kinds.

9. The Meat Bible.  Self explanatory. $26.40 at Amazon.

10. Predator:  You really can’t go wrong with Predator.  I think all men universally, everywhere, in perpetuity love this movie. Widescreen collector’s edition, $14.99 at Amazon.

I’ve got plenty more Un-Romantic Valentines Day gift ideas for Men to come, but I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments!