Totally Rad Giant Pinball Machine Skate Park


Mountain Dew Skate Park

Mountain Dew’s pinball skate park makes you the ball in a 600 square foot machine rigged with sensors, sounds and lights that scores your run just like pinball. Must-see video after the jump!

Mountain Dew Skate Park

Mountain Dew built the fully functioning pinball machine skate park in Henderson, West Aukland, New Zealand to promote Mountain Dew’s new soft drink flavors. The park cost $500k and took over 17 days to build—sadly, it’s set for destruction shortly after June 24th.

Those living near West Aukland, New Zealand have the opportunity to register to skate the park daily until June 24th. The rest of us will have to settle for the insane eye candy on Mountain Dew’s Skate Pinball website.

VIDEO: Skateboarding in Giant Pinball Machine


Visit Mountain Dew’s Skate Pinball website to explore the park!


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Photos and video via Adweek

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