Forget Tea, These Towels Are Art


Enormous Champion Tea Towels at Heath CeramicsThere are so many great tea towels out there—it’s a shame to let them while away in a kitchen drawer, right? I love the idea of framing them as artwork instead. They are highly affordable (usually around $25 or less), and the texture of linen or cotton cloth adds depth that you just don’t get from a poster or print. For my daughter’s nursery I framed “Amassed” by Enormous Champion (above left), now available through Heath Ceramics. It’s still one of my favorite elements in her room. Here are a bunch more that I think would look great on the wall.

Ferm Living has quite a few framable options, love these two:

Pine Tree Tea Towel by Ferm Living

Velo Tea Towel by Ferm Living

Pretty much any of the tea towels from Marimekko would be perfect as artwork. This set of two is fun for a kids room:

Marimekko Kulkue Tea Towels

And moving from Finland to Sweden, these two designs from Just Scandinavian are vintage-awesome (Du and Jag means “you and me”, so sweet!):

Swedish Kitchen Towel from Just Scandinavian

Swedish Kitchen Towel from Just Scandinavian

Also loving the new Fox and Friends design from Tara Hogan at Ink + Wit:

Fox and Friends Tea Towel from Ink + Wit

Photos: Enormous Champion, Ferm Living, Marimekko, Just Scandinavian, Ink + Wit