Tree Log Pillow: The Coolest Way to Celebrate the First Day of Fall 2010


Knit Log Pillows for First Day of Fall

There’s nothing I love more than the first day of fall! The air is crisp, the leaves look as if they are about to change color and the world feels ripe with possibility. Maybe it’s the fact that the only time I ever cared about school was the first day, when it was time to buy school supplies. And while I never quite made the grade, the idea of fall, daylight savings time, and starting fresh was always more appealing to me than say the heady days of spring. This year, instead of splurging on a new fall wardrobe for yourself and the kids, why not invest in some key pieces that will have your house ready for some serious nesting and hibernation…

More photos of these amazing knit log pillows after the jump…

When I spotted these knit log pillows from this Etsy seller , I couldn’t wait to get some for the living room. The perfect lounger for virtually any room in the house, it’s a fun and decorative piece for the playroom, the living room or logs around the fire.

This tree log-shape bolster pillow ($82)  is made in knit and make to look like an imitation of a log tree bitten down by beavers. What’s amazing about this bolster/pillow is that the graphics are knitted, not printed, in five different colors. And good news for moms with drooly babies: The pillow cover can be easily removed for washing.

Must have!

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