Turn Your Children's Art Into Letterpress!


I am thrilled to learn of this genius idea! You can take artwork from kids and have it turned into letterpress! Wouldn’t this be an amazing gift for Father’s Day? Also, just a great thing for kids to use as their own stationery. Keep reading for more details…

Scan the child’s artwork (preferably line drawings that are not colored in) and send it over to Jigsaw Letterpress and in 3-5 weeks they will have it made into letterpress cards! Owner, Suzanne Hallerman, says:

what surprised me was the reaction from the kids themselves. I sort of considered them more for parents in the beginning, but these cards make 5+ year olds want to sit down and write everyone they know! And if that is not a lost art…”

This will make your kids feel so special! Order here.

Photo: Jigsaw Letterpress.