Turn Your iPhone into a Holga Camera!


Protect your iPhone and turn it into a Holga at the same time. Yes, there are a million photo apps for the iPhone, but there’s something fun and cool about a physical lens adapter, right? It’s old school meets new school tech, plus a shot of hipster cred.

Below are some sample images, taken with the Holga iPhone lens filter kit.

  • Unaltered Photo 1 of 12
    Unaltered Photo
    This is shot without the Holga case (for reference).
  • Empty Slot 2 of 12
    Empty Slot
    This is shot without any filters, but the Holga case gives a nice vignette effect.
  • Red Filter Heart 3 of 12
    Red Filter Heart
    Can you imagine the cute (and funny) possibilities with this one?
  • Red Filter 4 of 12
    Red Filter
    This one is my favorite.
  • Green Filter 5 of 12
    Green Filter
    It's not easy being green, but it sure looks cool.
  • Yellow Filter with Clear Center 6 of 12
    Yellow Filter with Clear Center
    Sort of like a sunny, reverse spotlight.
  • Blue Filter with Clear Center 7 of 12
    Blue Filter with Clear Center
    Feeling blue?
  • Dual Image Lens 8 of 12
    Dual Image Lens
    Twice the fun.
  • Triple Image Lens 9 of 12
    Triple Image Lens
    Three times the fun.
  • Quadruple Image Lens 10 of 12
    Quadruple Image Lens
    And of course, a whopping FOUR TIMES THE FUN.
  • 60mm Macro Lens 11 of 12
    60mm Macro Lens
    Close-ups just got even closer.
  • Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kits 12 of 12
    Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kits
    Available in five colors (white, black, silver, red, and blue).

Available directly from Holga.

Nicole Balch is the founder of Making it Lovely, a blog about living a stylish life and transforming the so-so.