Turn Your iPhone/iPad Into A Chalkboard (minus the dusty clean-up)


Bord iPad & iPhone App

Here’s an iPad / iPhone app to quench your nostalgic love of chalkboards and grainy chalk drawings. It captures everything you remember about the original green chalkboard, without leaving a dusty trail behind.

Bord iPad / iPhone App

Your kids will love the colorful interface and easy selection of 6 chalk colors for backseat art projects. The app even includes a yellow sponge tool for cleaning your chalkboard, or simply shake to completely erase! It’s a fun alternative if you can’t access the real thing—all that’s missing is the screeching sound of chalk on the board (probably one memory we can do withou).

Bord iPhone / iPad App

Bord iPhone / iPad App

Once your little ones have created their masterpiece, each creation can be shared via email. You can also use Bord as a makeshift classroom to squeeze in some math practice!

Bord iPhone / iPad App

Grab your own copy of Bord, the digital chalkboard, on the iTunes App Store for only 99 cents!


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