Turn Your Regular Bathtub Into a Baby Bathtub!


Bending over to bathe children in a regular tub is a chore that is, at best, uncomfortable. But if you’re willing to  temporarily give over an entire tub in your house to make your life easier, then American Standard has a really cool option for you.

These temporary bath conversion kits transform any standard 60 inch tub by raising it up to 37 inches off the floor and creating a more kid-friendly seat. There are two different versions of the interior, one made for infants and small children and another that will accommodate a toddler up to seven years of age. And although it looks really professional, the kit itself can be installed by any parent in about 30 minutes. You just hook up hoses to your existing faucet, and then make sure the hose for the drain is in the right place and you’re all set.

The only problem I have with it really is that it seems a little crowded if you intend to bathe your children together in the same tub. But for kids that fly solo, it seems really cool.

Currently there is a princess castle and a fire engine version, as well as one with a flat panel on the front that can be customized with your own graphics.  It is brand new to the show, but should be available in home improvement stores in January of 2011 for an estimated retail price of $1,500 to $1,600. (They are supposed to have more information at their website, though the tubs they have there definitely seem to be different from what they were showing at ABC. The company was just acquired by American Standard, so I’m sure they’ll have it straightened out soon.) –Chris Ford

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