Unisex T-Shirt: Free Like A Bird, Baby!


By now you know I’m a sucker for a cool t-shirt. Check out my inset sleeve t-shirt picks for Fall, here.

Well, I’m tapping my fingers together and drooling over my latest web find. (I kind of wish it came in my size — I’d pair it with skinny jeans.)

My son, JD, loves “birdies.” He can spot one from a mile away and he always shrieks and jumps like he could reach up and grab it as it soars by. “Look at dat big bird, Mommy!” comes out of his mouth at least three times a day. That’s why I adore this rad ravens tee. You will too…This 100% cotton long-sleeve tee by Glug Baby is a simple statement piece fit for a boy or gal. The two silver ravens graphic pops on the solid background. It’s a great pick for a big brother or sister, because a baby sibling will love staring at the chic, stimulating, easy-to-look-at picture.

Originally 32, get 15% off now! $27,

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