Valentine Coloring Pages for Kids (and You Too!)


From iPads to the Wii, kids turn to technology for so much of their entertainment, but even so, an afternoon spent with just crayons, paper, and a whole lot of imagination never goes out of style.

It’s pretty incredible to think how much I learned from my coloring books as a kid. I learned about discipline, control, and rules (by staying in the lines), but even better, I learned about the freeing sense of going wild and crazy, scribbling orange and green squiggles all over the page, ignoring what color everything was “supposed” to be. I learned about choices. Sometimes, I would choose to stick to the norm: blue sky, green grass, etc. Other times I asked myself questions like, “Should my Cinderella have purple skin?”

Coloring is one of a child’s first lessons in imagination and expression. And also a lesson in making mistakes, “do-overs,” and the disappointment of dull or broken crayons. So, this Valentine’s Day, put away your iPhone, xbox, and basically anything that requires batteries, and give your kids the gift of an afternoon of good old-fashioned coloring. You’re sure to have fun with it too!

Here’s a great site to get some basic printable Valentine coloring pages, and these top 5 coolest coloring books are sure to get your kids’ creativity flowing–some even feature works by Warhol and Picasso. These coloring dinner placemats are another unique coloring option, and they’re washable, so your kids can color in the gorgeous picture outlines again and again.

-Amy Soukup

Photo: Flickr/Capture Queen

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