Forget Valentine Poems: Funny, Unconventional Valentines


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there are two main groups of people: The people who take it very seriously — planning traditional ways to profess their love with heartfelt Valentine poems and romantic gifts — and the people who think Valentine’s Day is a little silly and fun.

For those in the latter group, we found unconventional ways to say “Happy Valentines Day” without being over-the-top mushy or sentimental. If romance doesn’t come easily for you, the next best Valentine’s Day gift is humor.

Here are some of our favorite funny Valentine’s Day cards:

[Sweet Harvey]

[4/Four Cards]

[Storey Shop]

“I love you…usually” [Creativity]

[4/Four Cards]

[4/Four Cards]


[a. favorite]

[ Sycamore Street Press]

*The first “Bye Bye Beard” card is by The Hungry Workshop

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