Valentines Day Gift High/Low Mystery: Tutus


While we’re on the subject of tutus, a tutu is a fab Valentines Day gift idea for the little princess in your life.  I tried to stave off the princess obsession as long as I could, but now that my daughter is almost three it is coming on strong.  Here are four adorable tutus for your sweetheart to wear on Valentine’s Day; all of the are on sale, but they cost $12, $20, $70, and $90. Can you guess which tutus are super fancy and which are super deals?  Find out after the jump…

Tiered Tulle Tutu in Think Pink, $12.99 by Old Navy

Stripe Ruffle Tutu, $20 at Gymboree

Fairy Petticoat in Aqua, $69 at Tutu Du Monde

Rainbow’s End Skirt, $85 by Tutu Du Monde