Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Easy and Last Minute!


So. You’ve waited to the last minute for a Valentine’s Day gift and now you’re left scrambling. Shame, shame on you (just kidding, I do the same thing every single year!). Here are a few sweet, thoughtful, (and most importantly) easy-peasy ideas you can throw together last minute. They’re so good, your Valentine will think you’ve been planning it for weeks! Keep reading to see our favorites and get the links to find out how to make them!

Valentine Pizza. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Simply cut out some heart shaped pepperoni and your Valentine will be showering you with kisses (above)

Heart-shaped African violets. A few easy snips and you’ve got this adorable heart-shaped plant to give away to your Valentine!

A Photo Montage! Just pull some old photos out and decorate the wall for a big WOW when your Valentine walks in the door!

DIY Sweetie Pie pie boxes download-able template : Why not print out these cute boxes and bake mini homemade pies?

Necktie envelope: This fabric envelope is the perfect wrapping for the traditional gift of a tie for him

Budget Love Notes: A few thoughtful minutes are all you need to pull these sweet notes together

Carnation Cones:

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