Valentines Poems: Love Poems for Every Personality


If you are looking for Valentines Poems, you’ve come to the right place. I have been collecting my favorite poetry for years, some of which is included in my book and on my website.  In honor of Valentines Day I’ve collected some favorite Valentines poems for your perusal. I’ve included Valentines Poems for lovers, friends, exes, children, photographers, cooks, and all sort of personalities. Print one out, or better yet write it by hand on a lovely Valentines Day card and watch your loved one swoon (or giggle). Find a compilation of Valentines poems, from funny to sweet, after the jump…

Valentines Poems

A hilarious Valentines Poem: Dorothy Parker, One Perfect Rose

A sexy Valentines Poem: James Fenton, In Paris With You

A Valentines Poem for a dear friend: Tu Fu, To my retired friend Wei

A Valentines Poem for the logical lover: DH Lawrence, Lies About Love

A Valentines Poem for an ex: John Hennessy, Missing Carnival

A Valentines poem for a child: Sylvia Plath, You’re

A Valentines poem for someone who loves cooking: Ron Padgett, The Love Cook

A Valentines poem for a sexy husband: Jane Kenyan, The Shirt

A Valentines poem for a photographer: Alice Fulton, Yours & Mine

A Valentines poem for older lovers: William Carlos Williams, The Act

A Valentines poem for a long lost love: Philip Larkin, Morning At Last: There in the Snow

A Valentines poem for one who likes to travel: Frank O’Hara, Now That I am In Madrid I Can Think

And my favorite love poem of all time: Frank O’Hara: Having A Coke with you

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