Vegan Diet: The Real Vegan Challenge… Finding Cute Vegan Shirts


Recently, Oprah’s team took the Vegan Challenge (no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs) for a week. But here’s a real challenge…finding cute Vegan T-shirts. Really, they’re hard to find. Most are, um, how should I say this, ugly. But fear not. We found some.

Keep reading for 5 cute vegan T-shirts and 4 tips from Kathy Freston on how to go vegan…even for a week….

This shirt from Fibers is cracking me up.

Go Vegan, Porky! from Beso

The Beets. Killer Tofu Tour. From Nerdy Shirts.

Tofu Killa T-shirt

And for next Christmas…

Soy to the World.

And Kathy’s tips:

  1. Quantum wellness teaches us that to be truly well means much more than just not being sick—it means having energy to face both everyday life and exceptional challenges.
  2. Choose your food with integrity, keeping in mind all aspects of how the food arrives on the table.
  3. We cannot thrive as individuals without tending to the ills of this world and all its inhabitants.
  4. The momentum we generate from even the smallest of shifts leads to a tipping point, and then there is a breakthrough, a quantum leap.

Good Luck with all that!

(Or just wear the shirts)

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