Verizon Announcement: Introducing the New Verizon iPhone!

A new addition to the Verizon family

Today’s long-anticipated Verizon announcement brought the news that the rumors have been true: The newest addition to Verizon’s smartphone line-up will be Apple’s iPhone. Up until now, AT&T had the exclusive on the iPhone. The exclusivity allowed other smartphones (Android, Blackberry) to rise to popularity, but things are about to change. Now, if you have an iPhone, you can have your choice of carriers. Now, if you don’t have an iPhone, but want one, go out and get one!

What’s more, if you’re a Verizon customer, you’ll have first dibs on the new iPhone.

Verizon customers can pre-order the iPhone 4 on Feb. 3. The phone will be made available to everyone on Feb. 10. At the Verizon announcement, both Apple and Verizon shared their excitement about the news, saying it was just the beginning in a growing partnership between the two companies.

And many of their customers are in agreement. “Great phone, great network,” some claim. With Verizon’s family plans and iPhones extensive list of apps, busy parents can stay organized and connected to family and friends while touting the latest technology.  Not to mention, the iPhone has many fun apps for kids, such as Funny 500 – Riddles Lite. Is this the perfect partnership that moms and dads have been waiting for?

Photo: Flickr/Ricky Romero