Verizon iPhone Release Date Announcement: What it Means


Verizon has anounced its release date for the iphone and the waiting is now over!  According to the Verizon announcement, the Verizon iPhone’s release date will be February 10.

Continue reading after the jump for feature details (including mobile hot spot information) and pricing:

The Verizon press conference also revealed that Verizon has been testing the iPhone on its CDMA network for over a year before bringing the release to the public to ensure that the phone functions well and that network and reception issues won’t be a problem (remember the iphone antennae issues?). Verizon seems to know what they’re doing!  The Verizon announcement also included details on pricing: $199 for the 16GB Verizon iPhone, $299 for the 32GB Verizon iPhone, with mobile hotspot included for up to five devices.

That’s right, the Verizon iphone announcement means that you can be anywhere doing anything, pull out your laptop and at the push of a button on your phone you’ll have wireless internet for your laptop and can be surfing, blogging, and doing whatever your active lifestlye requires.  The iPhone would normally get you pretty far, but sometimes a laptop on the go is what you need.  This is an active mama’s dream!