Verizon Press Conference & Announcement: New Verizon iPhone & Release Date


The Verizon Press Conference & Announcement has caused quite a stir! Verizon announced that they will be releasing Verizon Apple iPhone 4 on February 10 and prices will start at $199.99. Apple’s iPhone is finally available on a network other than AT&T.  Yay, it’s coming to Verizon, “America’s most reliable network.” Current Verizon customers will be able to pre-order on Feburary 3rd.

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Everyone else can order on February 10th.

Update: This is a CDMA device, so you cannot talk and surf the web at the same time just as with other CDMA devices. This is one of the points of attack we will probably see from AT&T as they battle it out with Verizon. On the same note, AppleInsider reports that this CDMA iPhone is a multi-year, non-exclusive device for Verizon. This means that Apple could offer it to other CDMA carriers. Sprint, for instance.

Via Verizon Wireless

Will you be ordering this phone? Are you excited about this collaboration?