Vertical Gardens bring new height to green opportunities


flora grubb vertical garden

Most people probably don’t have the luxury of a huge garden space, but want a little green in their lives.  Check out these vertical gardens from Flora Grubb Gardens, great for tighter spaces and perfect for growth—you can purchase them one block at a time to start your garden!

flora grubb  vertical garden

The DIY panel for a vertical garden provides you with a 20″ by 20″ tray that contains 45 slanted planting slots to support the soil and plant.  Fill with succulents, herbs, or flowers—a great way to contain variety and create a gorgeous display.  You can add more panels as your garden grows.

flora grubb gardens

flora grubb vertical garden

Flora Grubb Gardens also offers the Woolly Pocket Garden, a smaller version of a vertical garden pouch.  It is a single planting bag that comes lined for indoor planting, or unlined for outdoor use.  Grow a small garden in your kitchen or children’s room — it provides a unique way to use space for gardening in your home.

Visit the Flora Grubb website for more awesome vertical gardening planters and accessories!


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