Villa Carton Customes: Let Them Color Their Own Costumes!


I don’t know about your child, but mine is very particular. She likes things just so. She’s also fashion obsessed, especially where costumes are concerned. When I saw the Villa Custom Costumes that can be customized, my eyes widened. They were cool, so cool and a perfect fit for her, or pretty much any child with a creative streak or custom fetish.

Currently, costumes come in four styles; King, Queen, Knight and Princess (with Pirate, Super Hero, Nurse and Police Officer among others coming soon). They are 100% cotton and come with illustrated linework that your little ones can color in however they’d like. The costumes are designed like an apron and each one comes with their own headpiece. And although I’d love one for myself, they only are meant for kids aged three to eight.

Hopefully they’ll be coming to the states soon (and I’ll let you know if and when I find them) but right now you can order them from Australian company Ball and Skittle for $33 AUS or about $31.50 US. You can find out more right here!

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