Vintage Children's Finds on Ebay


There was a time in my life during my 20’s where trawling through vintage/thrift stores and flea markets was pretty much my hobby. I would spend an entire Saturday devoted to it. I would love finding that necklace that no one else would have or that 50’s dress that fit just right on my curvy figure. One of my best friends, who was my vintage-find-partner-in-crime, would even buy children’s clothes for her future kids… Aah, the old days. Now I not only don’t have the time, with two kids and a career, but I can’t stomach the smell of thrift stores anymore (old age?!).

So I sometimes turn to eBay for a fix to find vintage children’s clothes so that my kids won’t have the same clothes as every other kid at the park. For example, the wool poncho shown here– $34.50 Buy It Now price! I almost couldn’t resist buying this one myself but it’s my gift to you! Here are some more things I found today that I thought I’d share…

How cute are these boys swim trunks? They seriously say SOS on them??! Boys 2T for $5.49 Buy It Now…

And this sailor dress?! Size 4T for $24.99 Buy It Now…

Any of you who are 32ish and over and grew up watching “Welcome Back Kotter” will totally appreciate this Sweathogs tee. $6.99 starting bid. Worth it just for your own nostalgic moment!

And this boys tank, new in package deadstock! The starting bid is $7.99 and the auction ends for this tomorrow but there were others just like it with different sports on the front…

Keep in mind that vintage from 80’s prior tend to be smaller sizes than we’re used to now, i.e. a boys 2T might fit a 1 year old, etc. Things were worn tighter back then!

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