Amazing Vintage Industrial Lighting


Industrial Lighting Vintage

Goldstein & Co. specializes in the restoration and sale of beautiful industrial fittings made in the past 100 years, with a range including lighting, furniture, clocks and other decor. They concentrate on items distinguished by their timeless design or extraordinary ingenuity, like their wonderful collection of industrial lighting produced in East Germany from the 1950s to 1980s.


  • Large Red Conical Caged Lamp 1 of 8
    Large Red Conical Caged Lamp
  • Caged Ship’s Lamp 2 of 8
    Caged Ship's Lamp
  • Elaborate Single Fluorescent Tube 3 of 8
    Elaborate Single Fluorescent Tube
  • Enameled EOW Light 4 of 8
    Enameled EOW Light
  • Soviet Lights 5 of 8
    Soviet Lights
  • Larch Czech Black Enamel Pendant 6 of 8
    Larch Czech Black Enamel Pendant
  • Small Solid Aluminum Pendant Spotlight 7 of 8
    Small Solid Aluminum Pendant Spotlight
  • Red Crane Spotlight 8 of 8
    Red Crane Spotlight


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