Wasara: Most Stylish Paper Plates EVER!


One thing has happened since introducing a young one into our household, the percentage of plates, bowls and glasses that have been broken has risen dramatically.

When entertaining more than one creature under the age of, say, eight you are met with some challenges that threatens the status of your china. For larger gatherings, not only is using any kind of porcelain plate out of the question but who wants to wash all those plastic plates? Enter the biodegradable, recyclable, disposable and incredibly stylish Wasara dishes from Japan…

Each item is made “using fast growth / short life plant materials like reed, bamboo and sugarcane,” which not only makes them incredibly sturdy but also more eco-friendly than the Chinet and Dixies of the world. It’s so sturdy that you can even rinse them off and reuse them for a second time. Plus a large part of their proceeds go to the cause eco-future.

See some examples (and prices) of the items below.  And you can check out (and order) the line here.

$12 for 6 Square Plates here.

$12 for 6 plates here.

$12 for 6 Bowls