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We Have a Bissell Steam & Sweep With Your Name On It! (Win It!)

By michellehorton |


I have a new obsession: Smooth, small and oh-so-steamy, I finally found the ultimate cleaning tool. Because multi-tasking moms need multi-tasking helpers, this new Bissell Steam & Sweep takes the place of the vacuum, broom and mop — plus it disinfects.

Now I know there are a lot of cleaning products out there, and I wouldn’t even waste your time if I wasn’t so absolutely smitten with it — but this is a fantastic floor cleaner to have in your arsenal. And because I love it so much, I snagged one for a lucky Family Style reader!

The first thing I noticed about the Bissell Steam & Sweep is how incredibly lightweight and simple it is to use. With one button it can switch from a sweeper to a steamer, which cleans and disinfects without any sprays, chemicals or fumes. It also has this really great swivel head that gets into tight corners. Good for your floors, your kids, the environment and, not to mention, your time-pressed schedule.

So do you want one?

While you can always go to your local Target, Sears or hardware store and find one for $129.99, you can also enter to win one of your own! Simply leave a comment below on why a Bissell Steam & Sweep would help your life. We’ll pick a winner next Friday, Nov. 12.

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148 thoughts on “We Have a Bissell Steam & Sweep With Your Name On It! (Win It!)

  1. EG says:

    2 boys. A dog. Hardwood & tile floors. Amen.

  2. John says:

    We foster kittens, who tend to be less than 100% sanitary, and our little girl is starting to crawl. An easy disinfecting solution would be a dream come true!

  3. Heather says:

    my floors can get quite dirty due to cat puke and a daughter who is both messy and potty training. On top of the fact that I have a new baby and dont have time to get out the mop and bucket. winning this would rock.

  4. Siobhan says:

    My new baby will be here in 2-3 weeks, our entire floor is tile, and I’d love to not worry about her crawling around where the dog and cat and 4yr old track around dirt all day. Also, my husband is obsessed with clean floors. He swiffers every day when he comes home as a way to unwind. Yes, seriously. So this would be a rockin’ Christmas gift for him!

  5. Becki says:

    I love cleanliness, but with a very busy family schedule, my floors are often neglected. Steam disinfecting them sounds excellent.

  6. m says:

    everyone in my family is messy!

  7. Angela says:

    My baby is crawling these days and likes to pick up every little speck that gets missed on the floor, so she can promptly put it in her mouth! So a clean, chemical-free, disinfected floor is just the ticket.

  8. Jen B says:

    Two year old boy and a baby that’s just about to start solid food… yep, this would be used on a daily basis!

  9. Amanda says:

    My three-year-old has severe allergies and can’t tolerate most soaps, detergents or cleaning products, so steam is definitely the way to go!

  10. Julie says:

    We don’t clean our floors as often as we should. This would be so helpful!!

  11. MsG says:

    We’re furry, hairy and messy – with houseguests coming three separate times on the next two months!

  12. Jenn S says:

    ooh, i’ve always wanted a way to steam the floors! i’m very OCD about cleaning, and currently scrub the floors mostly by hand (very tedious!)

  13. Abigail says:

    Brand new baby. Three men ( not so new…but still). Brand new hardwood floors. I neeeeeed this!!

  14. Kate says:

    3 year old boy. And if that isn’t enough a 1 year old girl to help out!

  15. day2day says:

    We tried the ‘Shark’ it just died in the corner. With 2 little ones that can not seem to find the table with thier food this little number would sure make us look like we were more together (or had a maid service).

  16. Teri says:

    We are a mess, and I would love to clean some of it up with this!

  17. Karen Mwins says:

    Bad arthritis and tile floors (at least clean ones!) don’t go together! I would be so grateful to win one!

  18. A. A. H. says:

    A dog and a light colored kitchen floor is a bad combo….

  19. Emily says:

    A toddler, 2 hairy dogs, and one husband whose idea of cleaning crumbs off the counter is wiping them onto the floor..

  20. Selly says:

    Every day after every meal I have to vacuum, then swiffer what the vacuum didn’t get, then wet jet on top of that in the 5 foot perimeter surrounding my son’s high chair. I would LOVE this.

  21. Jen says:

    Oh my lord we need this. Our vacuum is on it’s last legs, or shall I say wheels. My husband has literally bolted the wheels back onto our sad excuse for a vacuum, hoping that someone might give us a new one for xmas. With all of our hardwood floors and tile, this would be a great replacement. Please pick me!

  22. kristina says:

    With two dogs and two children who all love to dig an play in the dirt, I find myself vacuuming and mopping multiple times a day. This would no doubt be helpful and well used in our home!

  23. Jennifer Rutsky says:

    I know it’s awful but I don’t own a mop. I have to clean the tile floors with paper towels and spray cleaner.

  24. Amber C says:

    My baby is getting ready to crawl and we are replacing our carpet with hardwood floors due to sensitive skin of our other child. This would be wonderful as it is chemical free!

  25. Mary Gunn says:

    4 boys, am 80 pound dog, a messy cat. I am forever cleaning floors. We have the little green machine (3rd one) and use it almost DAILY. My floors and my back could REALLY use this as I am tired of doing the diningroom and kitchen floors on my hands and knees. Pleaseeeee

  26. Mandy says:

    Our 1100 sq. foot home has tile flooring throughout – in EVERY room, including the bedrooms! And my husband and I have a 3 year old and a 13 month old – you can imagine the messes those two make! I’m FOREVER sweeping and mopping; and I KNOW that the Bissel Steam and Sweep would make my life simpler, help me keep my home cleaner, keep my kiddos healthier (since they basically live on the floor) and give me more time with my family since I could more easily and quickly clean ALL my floors with this! I would love love LOVE to win this!! :) :)

  27. Martha Wood says:

    With 8 cats, a messy husband and hardwood and vinyl floors This would help me a great deal!

  28. Stephanie f says:

    4 year old triplets and a 7 year old, need I say more, lol

  29. Esther says:

    Two boys under 5 and tile floors… this is just what I need. (and they HATE it when I vacuum- both scared of it)

  30. trudie says:

    Just having the option to sweep & mop with one device is such a timesaver. All the crumbs and spills, gone with one trip to the broom closet. I love that it works on any hard surface!

  31. Ana Flores says:

    I have two Bissell products the pet hair eraser and a carpet cleaner and love them both, I recently adopet another stray and would LOVE more help especially since I only have a regular broom for my floors where the dogs are the most.

  32. Catherine says:

    With two kids and a dog, I feel like my hardwood floors are never clean… I need steam!

  33. Robin says:

    It would be fantastic for cleaning up after twin 2-year-olds who have just decided they don’t want to sit in their high chairs anymore!

  34. rachelle says:

    I have been looking into getting one of these for a while, but wanted to hear more reviews about it! I struggle cleaning up after my kids with a broom and dustpan because sometimes its a soggy mess or crusted on the floor. this seems to be the perfect solution!

  35. Jennifer P says:

    With 3 kids, I love the idea of knocking out mopping & sweeping in one shot!!

  36. Allison says:

    Swiffering doesn’t quite do it.

  37. LAURA COLIN says:

    two kids under two
    dog and some ants

    two in one, steam and sweep , that perfect

  38. LAURA COLIN says:

    2 babies
    steam and sweep

  39. samantha says:

    My daughter just started crawling and my floors are totally not ready for it.

  40. wendy says:

    I don’t know how to clean my hardwoods and after researching I think this would be perfect for them, and my tile floor is ugly and I think this would make them look better. Regulars brooms and mops suck and are a waste of time. Thank you for your time. :)

  41. Caren Hemann says:

    I have the little green for pets. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Bissell! To have the Bissell Steam & Sweep would be a dream come true with two children and a dog.

  42. Suzanne says:

    One husband, one dog, and me in the kitchen all day slinging hash and flippin’ burgers! Not to mention 2 grandkids who are on the floor all the time! And, since my knee replacement, I can’t easily get down on my knees and do any hand scrubbing. This would be heaven to win this!

  43. Jeni says:

    3 dogs and a brand new house! This would be a God sent!

  44. Rhonda says:

    I have a daycare in my home. This would be a Godsend. So very many messes to clean up. An added bonus would be that I could use it for my cleaning job.

  45. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says:

    How this Bissell Steam & Sweep would help in my life: if I owned one, my daughter would clean the floors! As it is, I mop with rags (hands & knees–probably can’t do that much longer–but it gets the floor cleaner than when the family uses one of the old mops we have in the garage). Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. Marshelle says:

    A dirt backyard. No carpet–just laminate floors. Two dogs. Three kids–two of whom will be crawling shortly. PLEASE pick me!

  47. christy sheffield says:

    i always dread cleaning my floors. we have an open floor plan with beautiful tile that constantly has to be swept and mopped due to our beautiful long-haired dog. and since we are expecting, i’ve been looking for something that will make my life a little easier and clean and sanitize the floors at the same time.

  48. Heather Moses says:

    Oh wow it would help out in so many ways ! I have a 3 and 5yr old who play all over our floors !! To be able to clean and disinfect without chemicals would be awesome. Takes one less worry off the table and l get clean floors in return :) I’ll take that !!

  49. Carla says:

    4 kids + 3 dogs = a constantly messy kitchen floor
    (and don’t get me started about the younger kids who aren’t too neat in the bathroom!)

  50. Vicki Pollick says:

    Empty nester now has 2 children I am fostering while there other siblings go threw bone marrow transplant. I forgot how hard it is to keep up with little ones around the house. And the fact that things get so much dirtier now with little ones around makes it even harder to stay ahead of the game. This would make my life so much easier.!!!

  51. Carrie Beth says:

    I would give up sex for the rest of my life to have clean floors!!! I NEEEEEEEEEED THIS!

  52. Michelle says:

    I have a 4 year old son, 3 cats, 1 dog, and a husband who couldn’t pick up something if his life depended on it!

  53. ashley moore says:

    We have all hardwood and tile floors, two kids, two cats, and a dog. I sweep and mop at least 3 times a day!

  54. Julie C says:

    I’m a busy mom, and always trying to balance five things at once. A steamer I could use with ONE hand leaves me another hand free to multitask! We bought an older house with white linoleum in the kitchen (who puts white linokeum in the kitchen??) and I can never get it completely clean. a Bissell Steam & Sweep would help me finally feel like my floors are clean!

  55. Jen says:

    I have 6 & 8 year old boys and a handyman, stuff-collecting husband. I need all the help I can get! ;)

  56. Melissa Romano says:

    three boys and two dogs
    sweeping and steaming would be
    my floors prayers answered

  57. jayedee aka ntiveheart says:

    a 3 year old, a seven year old and a new baby. need i say more?

  58. Kate says:

    3 boys, 1 shedding dog and a front door to back door thoroughfare through the living room that NEEDS some deep cleaning

  59. Shannon says:

    I am a busy mom with a daughter who likes to throw her food on the floor when she is finished. No fun getting down to pick up all that food, this would save my back!

  60. Maria says:

    Because I have a two year old and two cats in a barely 600sq feet NYC apartment and my current vacuum just died on me. Need this big time!

  61. Rhonda Sussman says:

    I’m disabled, have a cat, and my apartment has both wall-to-wall carpet and linoleum floors. I can’t keep it clean myself and Social Services has said they won’t send a cleaning person until I get a better vacuum!

  62. Katie says:

    With a 2 yr old and a husky plus a baby on the way my floors could use this

  63. Candice says:

    I have a two year old, a four month old, two pugs and a hubby who likes to track mud in. I’d love this! No more chemical smell from my old “popular” mop!

  64. norah says:

    A dog, a cat, and a baby just starting to crawl!

  65. lulubird6 says:

    lawks! full-time job, two kids, long-haired dog, husband, hardwood floors everywhere. PLEASE!!!!

  66. Barbara says:

    Messy kids! I would love this!!

  67. Ira K says:

    Four and a half months ago I became a single mom. This was a pregnancy that resulted from very disrespectful and unnecessary wrongful behavior, but no matter the pressure for abortion from Bio dad so he covers up his actions or even from my own relatives b/c of old world upbringing and shame on our small community – against all odds and in this economy I chose to give this innocent result of bad actions towards me – a chance @
    life. I have found an apartment in a community for dinglemomd/low income families and need to move soon. So far we stayed with my parents. Anything that protects my sons health & helps to easily clean (area I should and want to improve in) will be a great help! Winning one would allow me to spend for my sons baby gear, some furniture, baby proofing or finally do something for my self. My case
    is not typical b/c I have been in
    many life situations, even divorced and becoming a single mom @ 32
    – not while too young. I have a
    college degree, but no childcare
    and have had a physically hard recovery so until now unable to work. Winning this will be very helpful and timely! Thank you for the opportunity:)!

  68. Annika says:

    A baby, a dog, and a husband. Enough said.

  69. Jennifer says:

    Two cats, two kids, and a messy cook. Would use this daily!

  70. Miranda says:

    This would help my life because we have allot of floors to mop. And having two boys and another one on the way this would save me time :)

  71. Susanne says:

    A dog, a cat, a husband and a light colored bamboo floor all over the house….I work long hours…….just do not have time to keep up a clean house! This would be a BIG help! :)

  72. sharon says:

    a dog, a toddler, a MESSY husband and one on the way. I feel like I spend more of my life cleaning the floors than anything else…

  73. Queen of the Click says:

    I used to have rugs and a vacuum cleaner was my best friend. Our new house has hardwood floors and I know everyone loves them…but me. I am forever on my knees cleaning it. Save my old knees please.

  74. Sue M says:

    Two young kids and lots of hardwood and tile floors!

  75. Kristen F. says:

    Our floors are constantly sticky and grimy, thanks to our two young girls. Would love this handy tool to make life a little easier!

  76. Stacy B says:

    I would love to be able to give this to my Mom who doesn’t get around very good and also has alot of pets. It would help me out because I sometimes am the one to clean her house for her and this product would help me do my job so much faster and easier!

  77. kristin says:

    I have a two-year-old, a dog, and a baby on the way in March so it’d be nice to have the floors clean by then, haha.

  78. Rachel Zetooney says:

    A three year old boy and another baby on the way — we cannot make it a day without a huge mess on the floor. It would get a ton of use!!!

  79. Kelly says:

    It would save the time and energy I expend by getting on my hands and knees and washing my floors with a microfiber towel and way too hot water.

  80. katrina kaiser says:

    we had to move across the country, back in with my dad. he has my brothers part time, so with my 2 year old included there are 3 little boys to clean up after (and 2 men who are equally messy). my baby girl will be crawling soon and I want the house to be slightly decent for her!

  81. Amy Gray says:

    1 husband + 2 boys + 1 dog + 1 cat = BISSEL STEAM & SWEEP!

  82. magda says:

    Messy floors, thanks to my 2 boys and husband …and myself :(

  83. zoe lee says:

    this would help with all the dog hair :)

  84. Rebecca says:

    I’m so into steam cleaning now that I have a toddler and one ready to crawl – so much nicer than chemicals on the floor!

  85. Starr Grizzell says:

    One baby, one toddler, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and tile floors. This Bissell could give us a cleaner life:)

  86. Molly says:

    I have been eyeing the bissel steam and sweep for a month. I would love to have this to save time and simplify the process of cleaning my wood floors. I especially love that it is environmentally friendly.

  87. Jeanne says:

    I’m a working mom of 2 so anything that helps consilidate tasks and streamlines by life will help!

  88. Bonnie says:

    I have three kids, several pets, and a daycare in my home. I have had several steam mops,and none that can vacuum too! I need this! I’m constantly sweeping, vacuuming and steam mopping, doing it all at once would save tons of time!

  89. Annett Kohlmann says:

    Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease pick us! Long haired dog, toddler boy and infant. Sick and tired of vacuuming, swiffering and then mopping only to have to do it all over again the next day. Please save me the time and sweat pushing around so much gear!!!

  90. Dawn says:

    I am a full time nursing student, wife, mother of 2 kids, a dog and 2 cats. Anything that can get my hubby to do more around the house would be awesome!

  91. Allison C says:

    Is is sad that a new vacuum is number one on my Christmas list?!?!?!

  92. Melissa J-W says:

    I have 3 kids and wood floors. Need I say more?

  93. Rose Rosloniec says:

    I have a dog, which is reason enough! But it would illustrate my product loyalty, right down to the Bissell pet broom!

  94. Jen F says:

    we have a 2-year-old boy, 2 cats and a new baby. this would be great!

  95. Joan Paquette says:

    I have 2 labs, and a german shepherd. All they seem to do is shed and track in dirt along with help of my sons and husband. The Bissel steam and sweep would save me

  96. Jon says:

    we have a daughter who likes to throw food! This would be great to help cleanup the mess!

  97. Rena says:

    I usually clean the floors with a damp rag on my hands and knees. My 10 month old (so cute) sees me and tries to help by imitating and using her soiled bib to wipe down the floor. I think this would help a lot!

  98. Emily Basalik says:

    My son has multiple, life-threatening food allergies, so while we rarely have food in our home he’s allergic to, this will help ensure that our floors are free of anything that could seriously harm him.

  99. Davina says:

    A three year old boy who loves art projects. Love it but always a messy floor. This wouid be great.

  100. Mari B. says:

    I have 3 under 5. Need I say more? LOL

  101. Jennie says:

    This is on my wish list!

  102. Kym says:

    No more back breaking bending cleaning up spaghetti sauce from one end of the kitchen to the other when our fussy children don’t like what is being served.

  103. Chris says:

    I have two amazing preschoolers who are as messy as they are adorable, not to mention their father and his uncanny ability to track dirt over freshly washed floors … ;)

  104. wendy says:

    I’m pregnant and have a 3.5 year old. And at 40 it sure would be nice to be bending over less!

  105. audrey haynes says:

    I have 3 kids, 2 big dogs and very little time and energy for cleaning despite being a stay at home mom! This would be a lifesaver!

  106. Linda Hill says:

    3 dogs
    1 husband
    4 kids
    1 grandson
    1 father
    All living under my roof. Need I say more?? :)

  107. AutumH says:

    I’ve been dying for one of these to clean my tile floors so I’m not always scrubbing them by hand. I will be crossing my fingers indefinitely!

  108. Vicky carpenter says:

    Oh! How I would love this! As a Grammie it’s hard when the Grand kids leave bending over and cleaning all the spots,drool,fur,food etc. I’m sure you get it. This would be a back saver for me!

  109. Melissa says:

    With two messy kids and an even messier hubby this would be awesome!

  110. Tricia says:

    Wow! Didn’t even realize that there was such a product out there that sweeps and cleans, with a dog and toddler this would be great for my floors.

  111. Lorie says:

    I’m a home-stay mom, and have four kids between the ages of 11 months and 12 years old and a busy husband who teaches high school, is in the military, and is studying for his masters degree. I’m constantly using hot water in my spray mop and sometimes use a hot wet towel on the floor to clean it. Stuff just always seems to stick on the floor and I have to clean it continuously. I’ve tried many mops and cleaners so I wonder if a steam cleaner will help, yet I can’t afford this. Thanks for your offer.

  112. helenlam says:

    I’ve got hardwood floors. This would help immensely in being able to clean both that and the bathroom and kitchen tile floors with one product!

  113. Amelia says:

    After being laid off, I am now a pregnant reluctant housewife and I need all the help cleaning I can get!

  114. Aura says:

    Put together a 7 year old boy and 9 year old twins in a little apartment and you get one BIG mess! Luckily for them we have a 9 month old human “vacuum cleaner” who tries to eat everything on the floor. I sweep at least 5 times a day and wash the floor nightly. I can’t even think of what horrible chemicals my baby is coming in contact with from all the cleaners, at least its better than dirt! This 2 in 1 sounds like a great help

  115. Lena says:

    kids+husband= I need the Bissell Steam & Sweep!!!!

  116. Amanda Starr says:

    With a messy kid, two dogs, cat and husband this would help clean my very dirty tiled house haha

  117. Syn says:

    With two crazy dogs and a 7 month baby that is starting to crawl and loves to play I cant find a way to keep the floors clean.

  118. Caitlin says:

    100 pound dog + 18 month old boy + babysitter’s 2 year old daughter + hardwood floors (ALL through the house) = one big sticky mess to clean up. Oh, and does it help that my maiden name was Bissell (no relation unfortunately)? :0)

  119. Willow Benavides says:

    Our floor is concrete with grooves dividing the corners; all manner of gunk accumulates in the cracks and sweeping does nothing for it. Also, with the kiddos – the floor gets disgusting. I’ve given up on mopping altogether. I sweep daily, but the floor never looks any cleaner. It’s endless, mind-killing drudgery and I’d love to have a shiny new modern tool to make it easier. Heck, if it looks sufficiently techy, I might even persuade my husband that it’s some highly technical gadget that only he can figure out…

  120. Jackie says:

    I have a lot of hardwood in my house. I try to keep on top of the cleaning with a Swiffer Sweeper and a steam cleaner but the steam cleaner is so hard to use I don’t clean nearly as often as I should. An appliance that vacuums and cleans is my dream come true!

  121. kenna bruno says:

    I do not deserve it any more than the the next person. Nor do I have any better reason why I need one but I would sure love it if I were to win one.

  122. trey says:

    My kitchen floor is such a mess you’d swear I was raising farm animals instead of kids! Being in Fl I have to be viligant in getting the food droppings cleaned up or we would be overun with insects!

  123. Sue E says:

    This would definitely help me. We live in the country and the kids (and adults) bring in dirt all day long. I love that it sweeps and mops.

  124. samantha wanzo says:

    This would help out me because I would give it to my little sister who is about to give birth to her first child. She’s also turning 20 years old this month on the 20th. It would be a great gift because cleanliness is key when having a new born child in the house. :)

  125. Kelley price says:

    Two messy kids…a messy dog…an equally messy man!! Enough said!

  126. Lisa says:

    3 kids who couldn’t pour a glass of anything without spilling a good portion of it to save their lives :)

  127. Ann says:

    Dogs and a dirt driveway , , , need I say more?

  128. April says:

    I’ve got a dog that sheds a ton! Plus every so often she likes to pee in the dining room. Ugh. I’d love something that was antibacterial like this. I might even eat in that room again…

  129. Heather says:

    Would be motivation to actually clean our floors — it looks so easy!!

  130. Ron Miller says:

    Anything that helps my wife clean, helps make my life happier!

  131. abby says:

    Ain’t too proud to beg, would LOVE to have this!

  132. Janell says:

    I run an in-home preschool. This would make my life so much easier! Sanitation is extremely important to keep all the kids healthy, including my own infant. I have (and hate) laminate tiles in my kitchen and all three bathrooms. Use a mop and buckey of water concerns me because all the germs and filth just get pushed into the grooves inbetween each one. I need to know that the germs are getting killed and not just given a perfect place to grow. Not to mention the amount of sticky stuff that is all over the floors each day. I could cut my cleaning time in half with a steam and sweep.

  133. Dee says:

    These are really great, especially if you have pets, kids or both! ABC Vacuum Warehouse has Bissell carpet cleaner products available to help keep your home as clean as possible.

  134. Carol says:

    A full time job running day care at the Y, the first baby due on Valentines Day, a dog, a husband who’s a klutz & a blind father who visits = HELP!!!!…need I say more??!! :~/

  135. Mary M. says:

    tired, lazy, do not like to clean the house, but like clean floors

  136. Sylvia H says:

    3 messy dogs, child and husband- hate muck and dirt. love fresh clean flooring. Too busy to scrub. would give my eye teeth for a Bissell.

  137. E @ Oh! Apostrophe says:

    My house is all hardwood. I hate cleaning on a good day, but now that I’m pregnant, forget it! Would love this :)

  138. Meredith says:

    With a dog and a new baby on the way, the Bissel would be perfect for keeping our tile and laminate floors clean!

  139. Cindy Ludwig says:

    New grand-baby on the way!! Need clean and sterile as possible.

  140. Amanda Titus says:

    Oh wow! So this would blast all the caked on stuff on my kitchen floor? That’s our main problem area.

  141. sheri granger says:

    we live in northern NYS where the weather is unpredictable, rain, snow, sleet and MUD….and I have looked at these for quite sometime but don’t have the extra funds to purchase. We have 5 kids, 3 (teens and 2 tweens), 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I work full time in a school district so do not always get the chance to vacumn and mop everyday. I would love to get one of these so as to entice one of my 5 children (4 of which are boys) to have some fun and maybe help in the cleaning of the hardwood floors we have throughout our home. It would be a great gift not just for me, but for our whole household.

  142. Vicky carpenter says:

    Old Grammie would love this. Trying to keep floors clean for Grand kids is full time job for me that inhale hard time doing with arthritis and 4?back surgeries. Would not say no to baby sit ever. This would b a GOD send to me. Thanks

  143. Sabrina says:

    Two kids, two pets, and a bad back, this sounds like what the doctor ordered.

  144. Laura says:

    I have tile floor and it is impossible to keep clean with just a broom and a mop. It takes me hours to clean the grout and the little indentations of the grooves. With 2 kids and a dog, we have a lot of messes to clean up. This would be a lifesaver!

  145. Carolea Oliver says:

    I have tile and hardwood floors that are old and hold grim in the deep cracks and crevices. I feel the steam would help clean these. And that would also help my asthma.

  146. Michele Baker says:

    I have a home that is over half tiled. The reason is my 14 year old only son and youngest child has Autism. He will not eat, play or sleep anywhere but on the floor. The broom and swifter just ain’t swift enough to keep up with my Autistic but mostly Awesome guy. It should be any homemaker’s desire to own
    the Bissell Steam and Sweep as it is mine…..but it’s also a dream, hope and prayer that my home is Bissell Blessed with a Steam~Sweep♥

  147. Stacey H says:

    Not sure if this contest is still open or not, but…

    Alas my story is like many above,
    My floor is corroded with food, dirt and love.
    From four little boys-
    And a big one too;
    This mama wants to see what a Bissel can do ;) ;) .

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