Wear Your Letter on Your Shoulder


You’ve gone, retro chic, hippie chic, but how about Alphabet Chic?  I always love it when a classic gets a cool makeover, and these alphabet bags are no exception.  Modernism and style make the simplicity of a letter on canvas, way more than well, a letter on canvas!

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With the introduction of Alphabet Bags mini tote you and yours can now carry matching totes with your monniker’s first initial, or maybe your age? Err, ok, maybe your tot’s age! Can’t pick which letter suits you best? Not to worry, you can have all 26 printed if you wish. With a choice of , black on white, white on black, gold or daimente, these are the chicest ABC’s to hit the streets, since well, a furry little red monster. What’s wrong with making the alphabet a little more fabulous for the budding fashionistas? Now if they could only find a way to make algebra as fashionable….


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