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What Does a $52,000 Play House Look Like?

By michellehorton |

Play house

There’s a fine line between extravagance and absurdity, and there’s something truly mind-boggling about the latter. While there are certainly people out there who can drop  five figures on a kid play house, I am not one of them. Actually, I’m not sure I know any of those people, either.

So when I stumbled upon the playhouses at PoshTot’s, I was in awe of the incredible designs. From stately mansions to windmills to giant pirate ships, they truly are a child’s dream. But then again, so is college…

Click through to see the most incredible outdoor playhouses…

play house for kids

The Red Beard’s Revenge Pirate Ship Playhouse from PoshTots (both pictures above) is a true feat in craftsmanship and imaginative play. This handcrafted ship has a captain’s quarters, upper and lower decks and a crow’s nest to keep lookout.

The Captain’s Quarters alone can fit three or four adults, and the cushioned benches can double as sleeping bunks.

cool play house

The price? Oh, just a mere $52,000.

coolest play house

If $52,000 is just plain craziness, what about this plantation-style Oakmont Manor from PoshTots, complete with an operable skylight, non-working fireplace, simulated hardwood floor and 10 windows. And it will only cost you a mere $21,000.

play house for kids

Moving our way down the price spectrum, Sophie’s Magical Windmill Playhouse sells for $38,000, and it truly is a fantasy for imaginative little girls. This hand-crafted play house has a windmill, operable windows, a reading loft and an outdoor deck.

play house

And does your little one like to play market? For $5,449, he or she can have a personalized store complete with a checkout counter, shelves and display case. The neighborhood kids are all coming to play at your house, for sure. (From PoshTots as well.)

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10 thoughts on “What Does a $52,000 Play House Look Like?

  1. Mary says:

    i’ve read about these before. Chris O’donnell has one for his kids.

  2. nancy kelm says:

    just think how many meals this money would have payed for you people do know there are a lot of homeless children out their as well as children that go hungry for days at a time

  3. Jiggalo says:

    If they want to spend that much money on a playhouse thats their business. On the other hand I can see why other countries hate America. While other people around the world conserve and are practical, there are homes here which are way too big with several TV’s, computers, two cars, and other luxury items. And then our media spits it in everyones face with shows like MTV cribs. America is for survival of the fittest and land of the greediest. Thats how our country is built and thats how it will always be.

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  6. JO CORA says:


  7. JO CORA says:


  8. Meme says:

    I love looking at these. Did you also see the Cinderella coach bed for $47,000?

  9. Meme says:

    PS. Let me emphasize, I love LOOKING, but even if someday I could afford these I still don’t think I’d buy them!

  10. Diana says:

    Jiggalo do you realize that what you said sounds so idiotic? I know people in other countrys living in mansions with vinyards in there backyard, and i know people in “poverty” countrys with the finest of the finest only a few are in poverty and thats because there parents are not on the up and up and what i mean by that hookers, dealers, scammers or welches people who dont want to succeed and what a free life, or you do have people sadly born into that but you know what they bring themselves out of the pit. so what you want america to be like any other country starving there people not giving a hoot if they have food no hand outs like social security, or welfare not even medical unless provided and paid for by AMERICAN tax payers! there countrys.thumb them down under there armys. America helps out poverty all over except america. While people were suffering from floods in alabama nothngs was done for them, yet an earthquake in haiti gets all the help they need, pakistan got help as well, again america helps out everyone but themselves and the people here EARN what they have, they work there rearends off. get real idiot. Jiggalo if you dont like it here go to where you will be proud to live … yea I bet your still going to live in good ole america thats what i thought. there is poverty all over, and people will always be jealouse of what others have without appreciating what they have! We make dreams come true look at gas marts, motels, and hospitals even look at what scholorships are offered to whom, you come here we give you a bussness,and education and food while people who were born here have to pay every cent off.When we need help we dont get help we get jeered and smeared thats gratitude for you.

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