What Does Google Sell at their Chrome Store? Plus What's Free!


Google has been busy. Not only did they launch their eBook site on this week but they also launched their brand spanking new and shiny Chrome Store. Think of it like an Apple’s app store but just with way less mac-ish-ness. So what can you buy at the Chrome Store and what can you get for free?
At the Chome Store there is a wide range of things you download.  They have a slew of games for all ages with a large collection for the kiddies like a PBS Kids Video app for free to a Hangman for Kids games for $1.99.

There are apps that make your life easier like Remember the Milk a to-do- list application that’s free and time tracker tools so you can see what you’ve been doing all day.

There are applications like games, downloads to keep you organized and that gives you free data storage as well as Lucidchart to plot out your next big plan be it ways to get little Jimmy to bed to taking over the PTA.

And there are some useful lifestyle apps like interfaces for Gilt and eBay, a free photo Retouch service and the WikiHow Survival Kit so you know what to do if a bear attacks or how to deliver a baby.

But one thing about the Google Chrome Store that in most cases it’s just an interface to links to the sites that offer these free or paid applications and games. It’s not really coming from Google. And if you download it from Google’s Chrome Store you will need to download their Google Chrome app if you haven’t already.

There are a lot of very tempting app, especially for free, so it’s worth checking out for sure. I’m hoping there will be some apps to keep me more organized, educated and to keep my preschool entertained.

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