What Would A Design Blogger Wear?


Maybe it’s just me, but I have long been fascinated by design bloggers. You too? They seem to know about all these trends and designers before the rest of us, and they all seem to have such great taste! Surely a peek into a blogger’s closet would be a fascinating and voyeuristic peek into the future of trends and/or what makes these design bloggers tick. Right? Just me??

When I attended Altitude Design Summit last month I was certainly interested in the panels and keynote speakers, but I was far more interested in seeing for myself how some of my favorite bloggers really dressed, and what trends they’re really following.

And so, after the jump, Investigator Natalie at your service! I’ve collected some of my favorite blogger looks from the conference and put them all in one place, so we can finally get that peek we’ve always wanted into the minds (and closets) of design and fashion bloggers alike. Hope you enjoy!

  • Faux Fur 1 of 31
    Faux Fur
    Fluffy faux fur vests were way in this year, both when worn casually with a fun print and relaxed hair, and also when worn in a more dressy way with high heels and even higher top knots.
  • Focus On Collars 2 of 31
    Focus On Collars
    I saw a lot of fantastic collars at Alt. One trend I saw a lot and was intrigued by was wearing your button up buttoned all the way up. I also saw a lot of graphic metal pieces as accessories. Triangles are so in right now. ;)
  • If You’re Going To Be A Guy At Alt, You’re Gonna Need A Beard 3 of 31
    If You're Going To Be A Guy At Alt, You're Gonna Need A Beard
    There was a lot of scruff happening on the (few) male bloggers in attendance, possibly to balance out all that estrogen?
  • Bangs Are Still In 4 of 31
    Bangs Are Still In
    Although, I don't suppose a really good bang will ever go out of style, will it? Nonetheless, it was comforting to know that, in case you're having trouble committing to growing yours out, it is still considered very chic to sport the fringe.
  • Chambray And/Or Tassels 5 of 31
    Chambray And/Or Tassels
    Chambray is such a great alternative to a white tee, and it seems to step in effortlessly when you want something casual but with a touch more edge. And I was so excited by all the tassels I kept seeing!
  • See? Tassels! 6 of 31
    See? Tassels!
    The 80s were back at Alt in the most unexpected ways! Like, shoulder pads?! And tassels! It was a surprisingly chic turn on all the neon that is so prevalent.
  • Buffalo Check and Mustard Yellow 7 of 31
    Buffalo Check and Mustard Yellow
    These two are such natural friends, I tell you what. I saw a few Buffalo/Mustard combos over the weekend and it always looked both polished and relaxed every time.
  • Polka Dots! 8 of 31
    Polka Dots!
    Polka dots are such a fun trend and I have been enjoying them (on others) immensely! (Me, I'll stick with the stripes. You know.)
  • Fun Tights 9 of 31
    Fun Tights
    Polka dots even made their way to leg wear at Alt (including a very rad pair of trousers sporting a polka dot that I did not manage to snap a photo of)!
  • Layers 10 of 31
    Granted the conference took place in the winter in a traditionally snowy town, but I was still surprised by all the fun layers I saw. For example . . .
  • Layers! 11 of 31
    Look at the prints happening here! Is this not the coziest, most amazing looking get up? I was in love with the way these haphazard layers created such a jumble of fun (plus, it was cold in those ballrooms!).
  • Fun Hair Accessories 12 of 31
    Fun Hair Accessories
    It never would have occurred to me to wear a bow on my head but she pulled it off and with such confidence! I think that giant hunk of turquoise on her hands helps balance the twee, don't you?
  • Ombre and Animal Print 13 of 31
    Ombre and Animal Print
    Yes, and yes!
  • A Little Nerd Always Acceptable 14 of 31
    A Little Nerd Always Acceptable
    I loved the bloggers who brought their best nerd style and let it shine. Sometimes I forget that behind all that style lies an understanding of HTML. And the ever-chic nerd glasses were alive and well, I am happy to report!
  • And Peter Pan Collars 15 of 31
    And Peter Pan Collars
    Don't forget the Peter Pan collars.
  • Colorful Denim! 16 of 31
    Colorful Denim!
    But of course Alt was ground zero for kooky colored pants! Don't forget your leopard print ballet flats ;).
  • Stripes 17 of 31
    I can't imagine a world in which design bloggers don't wear a lot of stripes. I just can't.
  • The Dudes Brought It 18 of 31
    The Dudes Brought It
    Considering it was possibly 90% female at the conference, the dudes that brought it brought it GOOD.
  • YES 19 of 31
    Let's just all admire this ensemble for a moment please.
  • Top Knots, Slouchier 20 of 31
    Top Knots, Slouchier
    Let it be known, design bloggers wear their buns a little on the sloppy side.
  • Statement Pieces 21 of 31
    Statement Pieces
    I saw a few statement pieces at Alt (another one is featured in a few slides!) and in every case they seemed to follow the "bigger is better" rule. These peacock earrings were so refreshing, and completely not loud and splashy like the peacock feathers I'm used to seeing!
  • Throwback Denim 22 of 31
    Throwback Denim
    I saw plenty of 70s era high-waisted, bell-bottomy denim, but this 50s throwback roll made my day.
  • Sparkle 23 of 31
    At Alt, if it could sparkle, it DID.
  • Individuality 24 of 31
    I was so excited to see artist and blogger Lisa Congdon in this white wig I almost drooled all over her in my attempt to tell her how much I loved it. For all the trends and look-alike styles (truly it was a group of like-minded people, so of course their like-minds would like similar likes...) there was a raging sense of individuality and free-to-be-you-and-me. Possibly one could have walked into the conference dressed as a chicken and one would have been accepted immediately and wholly.
  • Proportions And The Unexpected 25 of 31
    Proportions And The Unexpected
    There were a lot of fun outfits around Alt focusing on the mixing of unexpected proportions. Long blazers with cropped skirts, bubble hems and giant shoulder pads, and all white ensembles enhanced with a giant moment of red and turquoise.
  • A Little Leopard Goes A Long Way 26 of 31
    A Little Leopard Goes A Long Way
    Leopard was THE animal print of the weekend, but in small, unexpected doses. (Psst, that's me!)
  • Head Wear 27 of 31
    Head Wear
    More fun headwear as statement pieces! HGTV personality and designer Emily Henderson's fascinator is easily bigger than her face! I LOVED it.
  • Mixing Styles 28 of 31
    Mixing Styles
    Possibly my favorite outfit of the weekend, she mixed her tribal pattern scarf with her academia-chic cardigan so well I nearly died when I bumped into her in the bathroom.
  • Arm Parties 29 of 31
    Arm Parties
    I am in love with that mix of bangles and hardware.
  • More Statement Pieces 30 of 31
    More Statement Pieces
    Please, a moment of silence for this awesomeness. Seriously. (Psst, that is our own Handmade Charlotte!)
  • When In Doubt, Do It All 31 of 31
    When In Doubt, Do It All
    Contrary to every design rule I've ever heard, it is surprisingly awesome to wear all your favorite trends at once. Stripes? Chambray? Fur? Top Knot? Done. And CUTE.

All photos from the Alt Design Summit Flickr stream via Justin Hackworth, B.A.D. Photography, and Moss + Isaac.

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