Where to Buy (or Make) Harem Pants


Harem Pants.jpg
Harem pants are quickly becoming a staple of spring and are popping up in stores all over. It’s not a huge surprise that they have found their way back into the fashion world – they are loose, comfy, and come in fun prints. You can dress up your harem parents with a pair of sandal heels, or go for a bohemian look and wear them right after a day at the beach. Check out these top stores that have already started to jump on the trend and see the tutorial for how to make them yourself…

Top-left harem pants for $17.80 at Forever 21.

Top-right tie-dye harem pants for $148 at Free People.

Bottom-right harem pants for $54 at Urban Outfitters.

Bottom-left harem pants tutorial at Mollytov.

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