Who Said All Stroller Blankets Have To Be Fleece?


stroller blanket chickiddie orange and pearWhen it’s a cool day and you’re out and about, the stroller blanket you’ve wrapped your little guy is the first thing anybody sees. So why not pick a beautiful one? May I suggest these handmade stroller blankets, designed by Sarina Galu of chickiddie.

Sarina received a lovely handmade quilt at the birth of her second son, Tucker which soon became his favorite — it never left his side. Inspired by this adored stroller blanket, Sarina came up with a fabulous design that offers a modern interpretation of a traditional quilt — with bold and vintage inspired fabrics mixed together.

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stroller blanket chickiddie orange and pear

Two things I especially love about these stroller blankets: the square sizes are larger than your standard baby blanket, and a ribbon band at the corner allows the quilt to be shortened — you simply pull the opposite corner through the band. The quilt becomes shorter but still cuddly and the child won’t drag or trip on it. Brilliant!

Available exclusively at Orange & Pear.

stroller blanket chickiddie orange and pearstroller blanket chickiddie orange and pear

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