Who Wants a Fluf Lunch Bag? I Do, I Do!


I’ve long admired Fluf lunch bags; obsessed with them is the better term. With their whimsical designs and quirky art pedigree with designs from New York City-Based, celebrity artist Matthew Langille, it’s always a good sign when I want something for myself as much as for my son.

Fluf Lunch Bags offer the best of both worlds. They’ve got all the cache of a “grown up” lunch bag with none of the waste. And with all the waste caused by disposable baggies, it’s really a no-brainer. The good news is that the company has just introduced three new styles by artist Nina Jones of Jonesy (available for pre-order) to their already drool-worthy lineup of cool baggies.

A seriously cool giveaway and a special preview of the 3 new bags after the click…

Created by two savvy women out of Toronto, the Fluf cloth lunch bags are made using the highest standards with 100% certified organic cotton and a removable EVA (PVC free) liner. All that sunstainability and eco-liciousness. I guess they’re working off the premise that if looks good, it will taste good. Hopefully, the kids will feel the same way about that veggie burger you packed.

>>WIN IT! Tell us your most creative kids lunch that you’ve packed to date and you could win one of the three new styles!


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