Why You Need the Mustache Mobile


While you may not need the y Jäll & Tofta Mr. Mustache mobile, you will certainly want it once you do the following three things. View the photos, discover that it’s eco friendly and check out the price. First, how it looks. Um, seriously cute for any teeny tiny nursery decor. Or lets think out of the box. This mobile would look amazing anywhere you hang it from the family room to the living room. Fun, whimsical and chic, your guests won’t be able to walk on by without commenting on your seriously good taste.

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On to the next reason: It’s eco friendly. It’s made from 100% recycled paper and nut veneer so you know it does more than just beautify our planet — it also makes it greener. Oh and finally, the price. A mere $29 dollars will get you this amazing work of nursery mobile art. Are you still reading? I swore by the 3rd sentence you’d be off purchasing it at Etsy.

Photo: jaellundtofta