Bold Wildlife Posters for a Modern Nursery


wildlife poster sea creatures BanquetIs your child all about animals and wildlife and outdoors? I swear, some kids are just born honorary members of Greenpeace. Fascinated by nature from their first stroller ride around the block. Pointing out birds and bugs right and left. To encourage their worthy passions, how about displaying one of these gorgeous wildlife posters by Banquet in their bedroom or playroom.

I love these because they’re graphic and modern and really beautiful, but they’re also a good teaching tool. Don’t you think it’s amazing how influenced people are by what’s on their walls? If you have this sea creature poster in a sunny spot on your family room wall, it’s almost guaranteed your child is going to consider “marine biologist” as a career. : )

See more examples of Banquet wildlife posters when you click through.

wildlife posters bear Banquet

This bear poster is especially cool. It reminds me of the California state flag. You could design a whole room around it, don’t you think?

wildlife posters northern animals Banquet

And here are more animals from the North. I wonder if Banquet has plans to expand the series to feature animals from other regions. Wouldn’t that be rad?