William & Kate: Gifts for a Modern Princess


Wills, listen up.  Kate seems like a modern bride to me.  In honor of your upcoming nuptials, and in an effort to assist you in keeping the future Queen of England happy, may I suggest the following gifts that I believe your future princess, Miss Kate Middleton, will approve of. Get the scoop on gifts fit for a modern princess (to understand my choices, here’s how I feel about princesses) for William & Kate’s Valentines Day after the jump…

Gifts fit for a Modern Princess

Benazir Bhutto’s Book: Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West. “Just days prior to her assassination, the late former prime minister of troubled Pakistan completed the manuscript of this book, which held great personal importance to her. Its importance extends beyond the writer’s own sense of purpose and accomplishment, however, because it is a vastly significant document for anyone seeking to understand the nature of past and contemporary Islam and its current interface with the West.” Kate’s an educated woman, so forget the hats and get her this book.

A Huia Bird.  So what if this bird is extinct?  You know people.  At least snag her a feather from a Huia bird for one of the aforementioned fancy hats to wear to the fox hunt and whatnot.  A Huia bird feather is the most expensive feather in the world.

A rare antique map of Berkshire, England, where your bride was born. This one is from the reign of Charles II. Find it here.

A tank.  Unsure how to buy a tank?  Here’s the scoop.  And for the wrapping it in pink part, go here.

And since she’s such a modern gal, I think she might like a copy of my book too.