Would You Wear: A High Fashion-y Baseball Cap?


I love a good hat in the fall and early winter. My favorites tend to be felt and a little floppy, or else knit and a little slouchy, but I’ve been noticing a new trend on the streets and on the blogs that has me considering an old school kind of head topper for the season… the baseball cap?

Hear me out! It’s… well, it’s unexpected. And a little bit tongue-in-cheek. Maybe kind of out there. These aren’t team logo baseball caps, and while they’re meant to be sporty, they definitely aren’t really down with being paired with sweats and a tee shirt. They’re… high fashion baseball caps. I know, it doesn’t make any sense. That’s sort of why I like it, I think.

After the jump, I’ll let the images (and a few high fashion shops selling their own baseball caps) speak for themselves. Enjoy and then let me know, would you wear a high fashion-y baseball cap?

  • Black Leather Baseball Cap With Lace 1 of 14
    Black Leather Baseball Cap With Lace
    I could just die over this image, couldn't you?
    This baseball cap via A Pair And A Spare.
  • Garance And The Yankees Baseball Cap 2 of 14
    Garance And The Yankees Baseball Cap
    More of a literal take on the trend, and kind of freaking amazing, actually.
    This baseball cap via Garance Dore.
  • Baseball Caps and Sparkles 3 of 14
    Baseball Caps and Sparkles
    You know, why not?
    This baseball cap via Atlantic-Pacific.
  • Juicy Baseball Cap 4 of 14
    Juicy Baseball Cap
    It's cute! I think?
    This baseball cap via ShopBop.
  • Caps in Stockholm 5 of 14
    Caps in Stockholm
    The all black really carries this look, and you know what they say about Swedes and their style... (right?).
    This baseball cap via The Sartorialist.
  • Maroon Baseball Cap 6 of 14
    Maroon Baseball Cap
    I wonder if it helps thats she's tall and vaguely athletic looking?
    This baseball cap via A Pair And A Spare.
  • Shiny Brim Baseball Cap 7 of 14
    Shiny Brim Baseball Cap
    It's juuuust fancy enough that you forget it's actually a baseball cap.
    This baseball cap via A Pair And A Spare.
  • Monochrome Baseball Cap 8 of 14
    Monochrome Baseball Cap
    All that black and that shock of blonde hair? Quite lovely.
    This baseball cap via A Pair And A Spare.
  • Acid Washed Cap 9 of 14
    Acid Washed Cap
    I mean, nothing says high fashion better than acid washed pink baseball caps....
    This baseball cap via TopShop.
  • Ridealong Cap 10 of 14
    Ridealong Cap
    Made of felt and actually meant to be a riding cap (but equestrian... baseball... you know, still sporty?). Anyway, that little bow is really sweet.
    This baseball cap via Anthropologie.
  • Birds of Paradise Baseball Cap 11 of 14
    Birds of Paradise Baseball Cap
    Oh, you know, Givenchy camo...
    This baseball cap via Vogue.
  • Black Leather Baseball Caps 12 of 14
    Black Leather Baseball Caps
    This one has metal accents, which is kind of amazing.
    This baseball cap via Vanessa Jackman.
  • Low Profile Twill Cotton Cap 13 of 14
    Low Profile Twill Cotton Cap
    Pssst. If you're interested in trying this trend but don't want to pay trendy prices for the honor of possibly feeling foolish and hating it, this hat from Amazon is only nine bucks.
    This baseball cap via Amazon.
  • Two Toned Baseball Cap 14 of 14
    Two Toned Baseball Cap
    I don't know... this one's almost got me convinced...
    This baseball cap via A Pair And A Spare.

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