Wrap Your Baby Like Heidi Klum & Nicole Richie but for 50% Off


What’s the go-to blankie for the celeb-set? Apparently the soft coverings options from My Blankee.
Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie all wrapped their kids in these softies. So what’s the deal? Why are these baby blankies so popular?

There are a couple of factors, they come in variety of totally chic, trendy and eye catching hues and patterns. Giraffe print? Check. Teal Zebra print? Check. Basic blue? Check and check. The other thing is they are soft and cozy. And those celebs, they apparently know from cozy. And what’s is extra cozy? The feeling of more money in your wallet. These blankies usually retail for about $79 but they’re currently on sale at On Seen a members only discount site for just $34. You can check out the sale and become a member right here.

But what I want to know is, why don’t they make these blankies in our sizes?

Photo: My Seen